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Pre-Orders Policy

If the item you would like to order is marked Pre-Order, please read the following:

  • If an item is marked Pre-Order, this means that the item is not in stock at this time. We are waiting for it to arrive from the manufacturer.
  • The month listed as the shipping month is the most current information we have. Please note that if we are in the month of July, and the item is marked Pre-Order ships July, this means that the item has still not arrived (but should be very soon). The minute it comes in, we mark the item as New!
  • You will be charged when you place the order, so that we know how many of the items to order.
  • Once the items arrive, the items will be shipped out immediately.
  • If you Pre-Order multiple items, with different release dates, each item will be shipped as they arrive to us. You will be charged when you place the order.
  • All release dates are subject to change by the manufacturer. The shipping dates listed on our site are based on the latest information that we receive directly from the manufacturers. Please note, that release dates can be changed or pushed back at any time from the manufacturers.
  • For orders placed for International Destinations we will hold the entire order until all the items are in stock. These orders cannot be split.
  • We reserve the right to limit quantities at any time. If an order comes in with a large quantity of a single figure, toy or card we reserve the right to adjust or limit the item. This is in an effort to satisfy as many customers as we possibly can on a hot item.

If you have any questions regarding our Pre-Order policies, please contact our customer service team at via our Contact Page.

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